Monthly Archives: July 2010


Romanian rowing day (17 Iulie 2010, București)

Dobrogea-Benecolwas present the 5th edition of the Romanian Rowing Day, event organized by the Romanian Federation of Rowing in Herastrau Park, Bucharest. This event aimed […]

High cholesterol? Reduce it in a natural way

Dobrogea-Grup continued with the 4th edition of free cholesterol testing from the campaign “High cholesterol? Reduce it in a natural way!”. This edition took place […]

Healthy baby conference (3 Iulie 2010, București)

Dobrogea-Benecol stand enjoyed the appreciation of the public that was present at the interactive conference “Healthy Baby” 3rd edition which took place Saturday, July 3rd2010, […]

The national conference of obesity

DobrogeaGrup participated on July 1st2010 at the National Conference “Obesity in metabolic pathology center’,event organized at the Romanian Academy Library from Bucharest.

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