1961 -the birth year of the Dobrogea Milling and Bakery enterprise, by the startuo of two wheat mills, a bread factory and a biscuits factory.

1966- 1989 in  Constanta, Eforie Nord, Navodari, Harsova, and Medgidia are built 5 bakeries, a confectionery unit, a corn mill and a pasta factory. The name of the  company changes in The Enterprise of  Milling, Bakery and Farinaceous Products, a factory with over 2200 workers.

1991 Is registered at the Trade Register, Dobrogea S.A. – Joint Stock Company.

1994 Constanta wheat mill is improved with Buler machinery Dan Do Pan bakery improvers are launched – first enzymatic improvers adapted to raw materials and Romanian bakeries working conditions, and Dobrogea Grup owns the patent.

1995 Dobrogea privatizes – 100% Romanian capital

1996 The upgrading program starts for the Pasta Factory, for the 12 bread factories and for the biscuits packaging lines.

1998 The Fresh Dobrogea network opens; modern and elegant stores that successfully introduced in Romania a new marketing food concept.
The full service offer is launched for the industrial clients; this offer includes raw materials, technical and commercial assistance for bakeries, pastries and sweet shops.

2000 A new high capacity grain mill is installed, and Dobrogea Grup becomes the largest producer of flour in Romania.
A new division of catering products is launched in June.

2002 – Startup of the first breakfast cereals line wth a project of the Dutch Government.

2004 – Startup of the first technologic modern line for biscuits and starts the production of the  new range of biscuits Dobrogea.

2005 Three investments are put into operation: a new automatic line for bread production with a 30 tones/24h capacity, new production equipment that completes the flexible biscuits production line with a capacity of 600 tones/month and a brand new line for flour which brings Dobrogea Mill to the highest grist concentration capacity from Romania, a capacity of 800 tones/24 hours.

2006 Modernization of grain and wheat storage at Constanta mill. A flexible and fully automated technologic line for sugar biscuits production was putting into operation.

2007 An automated production line for toast bread and packed bread is inaugurated.

2008 The range for functional bread, Bongrana Sana is launched.

2009 Is put into operation a new automated technologic line for toast bread. Launched on the Romanian market the first bread that reduces the blood cholesterol.

2010 The first bread that reduces the blood cholesterol, Dobrogea Benecol® is launched on the Romanian market the new premium assortments for Eugenia biscuits are launched: Eugenia Dark and Eugenia Junior – Dobrogea Grup organizes at Chicago “Eugenia Day”