Fresh Dobrogea – Quality and Freshness

Fresh Dobrogea retail chain comprises of 11 shops located in Constanta and in the main towns of Constanta County; Fresh Dobrogea retail chain stores are modern convenience shops with pleasant atmosphere, well-stocked with food supplies and provides a customized concept of selling fresh bakery and pastry products.

Launched in 1997, the “Fresh” concept means placing outlets for cooking frozen bakery and pastry products and serving them fresh to the customer. In addition, there is a wide range of bread and bread specialties which strengthens the image of Fresh stores on the local market as promoters of quality and freshness

Store Address
FRESH 1 Cişmelei Street- Constanța
FRESH 2 128 A, I.C.Bratianu nr. Street, Block F1
FRESH 7 24, Ştefan cel Mare Street, Block M 6, GF
FRESH 11 1, Caraiman Street, Block PF6, Entrance E, GF
MAGAZIN 45 56, Mihăileanu Street
MAGAZIN 27 1, Celulozei Street
Store Address
FRESH 6 Constanţei Street – Food Complex
Harta magazine Fresh - Judetul Constanta