Dobrogea Grup produces a wide range of buns (pound cake): Mozaic, Domino, Extrafin, pound cake with fruits and cocoa pound cake, products for all persons who desire a delicious dessert.


DOMINOPOUND CAKE It is a product from confectionery pastry, rich in Turkish delight filling, nuts, cherries and raisins. Domino pound cake is a delicious dessert at any time of the day.
Weight: 0.450 kg
Validity: 7 days


MOZAIC POUND CAKE It is a product with a special flavor of lemon, which offers a unique savor. Its marble composition offers the product a particular aspect .
Weight: 0.380 kg
Validity: 7 days


EXTRAFIN POUND CAKE Product with a special flavor, fine texture fir all types of consumers that desire a delicious festive treat.
Weight: 0.300 kg
Validity: 2 days


COCOA POUND CAKE Due to its complex structure, the cocoa pound cake I more than a dessert, being consumed a breakfast too, with a glass of milk, a snack between meals or at a festive meal.
Weight: 0.350 kg
Validity: 2 months


POUND CAKE WITH FRUITS The innovative and delicious combination of taste and flavor of home made cake, along with the sour cherries from the composition, create a delicious dessert for any moment of the day.
Weight: 0.300 kg
Validity: 7 days