Secondary mill products, obtained from selected raw materials, on modern equipment, at the highest European standards. Dobrogea Grup products are obtained regarding the quality and safety standards, ISO 9001 and verified in its own authorized laboratories DSVSA/Veterinary and Food Safety.


Due to fine granularity, this product can be used successfully to obtain fried dishes.

Weight/pack (kg): 0,500
No. packs/bax: 12
No. bax/pallet: 132
Validity term:   45 days for 1.05-30.10;  6 months for 1.11-30.04


Due to its high content of fibers, this product can be used in diets, as an ingredient in bakery products and specialties.

Weight/pack (kg): 0,500
No. packs/bax: 10
No. bax/pallet: 100
Validity term: 3 months