Fresh Dobrogea – Quality and Freshness

Fresh Dobrogea retail chain comprises of 7 shops located in Constanta and in the main towns of Constanta County; Fresh Dobrogea retail chain stores are modern convenience shops with pleasant atmosphere, well-stocked with food supplies and provides a customized concept of selling fresh bakery and pastry products.

Store Address
FRESH 1 Cişmelei Street- Constanța
FRESH 2 128 A, I.C.Bratianu nr. Street, Block F1
FRESH 7 24, Ştefan cel Mare Street, Block M 6, GF
FRESH 11 1, Caraiman Street, Block PF6, Entrance E, GF
MAGAZIN 45 56, Mihăileanu Street
MAGAZIN 27 1, Celulozei Street
Store Address
FRESH 6 Constanţei Street – Food Complex

Launched in 1997, the “Fresh” concept means placing outlets for cooking frozen bakery and pastry products and serving them fresh to the customer. In addition, there is a wide range of bread and bread specialties which strengthens the image of Fresh stores on the local market as promoters of quality and freshness