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Together for a healthier lifestyle
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Our mission is to offer to our consumers health, by products of best quality, nutritionally balanced. That is why the research and development activities are of major importance for us and they are performed in close relation to the market and to the dynamics of the consumers’ preferences.
Valuing for over 60 years of tradition and professionalism of its specialists in sustainable partnership relations, Dobrogea Grup aims to further develop and remain for all its collaborators – a reliable partner!

Dobrogea products

An active presence on local and national market, national leader for products with competitive advantages and high quality level;
Technical and high performance technology, adapted to the market and consumers dynamics and which provides a best report quality – price;


Responsibility for our consumers health, given by nutritionally balanced, high quality products, all obtained in food safety conditions according to the European regulations; Maintaining the Romanian tradition (as consumer, flavor, technology of production type) harmoniously interwoven with the progress of globalization patterns and regional peculiarities.

Together for a healthier lifestyle


DOBROGEA GRUP company and RAISIO FINLANDA introduced on the Romanian market the first functional bread that reduces cholesterol. This bread in BENECOL.

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Low glycemic index foods: they contain carbohydrates that are gradually absorbed by the body, have little effect on increasing blood sugar, provides long-term satiety.

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