Festive sponge cake with cocoa, walnut, turkish delight, raisins

Enjoy the rich taste of Dobrogea Festiv sponge cake in every moment of celebration. The delicious filling of cocoa, walnut, turkish delight and raisins and the fluffy and aromatic dough enrich your festive meals every time.
Packed in a cardboard box, in the 500g and 700g version, turns the delicious Dobrogea Festiv sponge cake into a delicious gift!

Sponge Cake with walnut, raisins, turkish delight and cocoa 500g

Sweet, full of flavor and aroma, the Dobrogea sponge cake with walnuts, raisins, turkish delight and cocoa is a delight for festive meals.

Cozonac with walnut and cocoa 500g

Specially created for those who prefer the traditional sponge cake with walnut and cocoa only .
Enjoy the traditional taste of Dobrogea sponge cake with your loved ones.

Fasting Sponge cake with turkish delight and cocoa 500g

A delicious sponge cake specially created for fasting period, only with turkish delight and cocoa.