We are a top company in the milling-bakery field in Romania.


We are proud that we are still a 100% Romanian company that enjoys a tradition and expertise of 62 years.


We are happy that we managed to preserve and transmit to each generation the unmistakable Romanian taste of bread and favorite sweets.


The constantly changing environment was both a challenge and an opportunity of development for us. We have always been concerned with innovation, healthy and balanced nutrition and have always opened new paths in our field of activity.


In our mission to enrich the life and health of our consumers, we are guided by solid values ​​- quality, entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm, integrity, partnership.

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to consistently and sustainably grow the Dobrogea brands so appreciated by consumers and to build our business in the global market, through strong brands, people and strong partners.

Our vision is to enrich the life and health of our consumers, through quality and nutritionally balanced products and to be present in every Romanian home, both in Romania and in the diaspora.


The quality of our products is the foundation on which we strengthen ourselves for the future. Our products tell our story and represent us in front of every consumer and partner, every day.


The entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA and thus it is present in everything we do – from products to operations, from brands to communication, from idea to execution. We are open to new things and we adapt immediately to the constantly changing environment, we are cheerful and creative but demanding. We learn something new every day and thus become better.


We are cheerful and creative. Any challenge becomes an opportunity when it is viewed with enthusiasm and creativity. We are passionate about what we do and we enjoy the results obtained every day.


Personal and business integrity, respect for consumers, clients, colleagues and suppliers, but also for the community and the environment, are the fundamental values ​​that guide our actions every day.


We create value together. Whether it’s colleagues, suppliers or customers, or consumers, together we find the best solutions. Together we are stronger. Together, better than ever.