Discover our range of milling products! Whether it’s flour, corn flour, semolina, breadcrumbs or bran, our products are based on carefully selected, high-quality raw materials. Created especially for your needs, according to the intended use (cake, cakes, pizza, bakery) or for a balanced nutrition (wholemeal ground flour, rye), Dobrogea milling products are with you in the moments when you prepare something good for your loved ones. The assortment of milling products is available both for the individual consumption area and for the industrial area. The expertise and tradition we have enjoyed since 1961 helps us offer you good products, always.

Superior white wheat flour 000

000 flour is ideal for obtaining high-quality bakery, pastry and confectionery specialties.

It is recommended both for the manual preparation of the dough, but also for the bread machine.

Available in several packaging options (1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg).

Flour for sponge cake

Flour specially designed to make a delicious and fluffy sponge cake at home.

Corn Flour

The specific golden color of the healthy corn grain, together with a uniform granularity of the Dobrogea corn flour, helps you to quickly obtain a delicious polenta.



Dobrogea semolina is the ideal choice for fluffy dumplings and delicious puddings due to its light color and fine granularity.


The fine granularity and golden color recommend Dobrogea Pesmet for all fried dishes.

Breadcrumb 500g

The fine granularity and golden color recommend Dobrogea Pesmet for all fried dishes.

Golden crumb with aromatic herbs 500g

With a fine granularity and a careful selection of aromatic herbs, Dobrogea Pesmet is the ideal choice for tasty fried meat, vegetable and cheese dishes.

Wheat bran 500 g

Due to the high content of dietary fiber, wheat bran can be used as an ingredient in the production of bakery products and specialties, as a decoration for these products or as a raw material in the production of borsch.

Premixes for the automatic machine

When you want warm bread made at home, the Experta premixes come to your aid.

Expert premix for rustic bread 500g

The Experta premix for rustic bread helps you to quickly prepare at home a delicious bread that is dark in color but rich in seeds

Expert premix for white bread 500g

The Experta premix for white bread helps you prepare a delicious and fluffy bread in the automatic machine.